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In a square of the Earth Shrine, Yunaya was already waiting in the center of the square. It was the same as the last time, but this time most of Yunaya's hair color had turned white, leaving only half purple. Along with Yunaya's expression and breath, it also became indifferent. She.. Tecree was taken aback by the sight of Unaya. Master Huayun! You're here at last. There was no change in Yunaya's expression. Lord of Unaya, you. The closer we get, the more we can clearly perceive the great change of Yunaya. It was a change of breath from the body, and Hua Yun could feel it completely. Not only the breath, but even the soul of Yunaya is changing at a slow pace. It's been a long time, Lord Retkry of the Earth. Yunaya's eyes suddenly moved to the ring in Huayun's hand. It's been a long time, Vice President Unaya. Teckery helplessly showed his own figure. There was no way not to appear,industrial racking systems, and Teckery knew that he could not hide it, and he knew that it was not difficult for Yunaya to detect himself with her strength. Besides, even if she doesn't find out this time, Karin will tell Yunaya. The vice president! Hua Yun looked at Yunaya with some surprise. But now I'm a little worried. "No surprise," Yunaya explained. "I used to be the vice president in the life camp. Teckery is also the leader of the life camp,metal racking systems, and I have known him for a long time. Hearing this, Hua Yun could not help worrying. Originally thought that Yunaya only later became the leader, but did not expect to be the vice president of the life camp during the ancient war. Turkley's betrayal of the camp is a thing of the past, so don't mention it. The ancient war is already over. Tecry's guilt is beyond my control. I will not do anything to him. However, Master Hua Yun, I still want to give you a piece of advice. After all, Tekri is a traitor to all camps, and he is still alive because the main gods have not yet appeared. If the gods show up and know that you have taken Teckery, automated warehouse systems ,asrs warehouse, I'm afraid you'll be implicated, too. Hearing Yunaya's words, Hua Yun was a little relieved. Chapter 485 the hand of God Sal. Let's wait until the main gods appear. "I've advised you anyway, and it's up to you whether you listen or not." Yunaya also knows something about Hua Yun's stubbornness. It's just that Hua Yun is so bold that he even dares to accept the rebellion of all the camps. Of course Unaya knows what happened back then. You can be forgiven for what happened to Turkley, but he's a traitor to all camps. Although Lord Gaiana, the main God of life, spared Teckery, it does not mean that all the main gods will spare Teckery. In particular, Turkry leaked some information to the Chaos camp, which caused great damage to the Order camp. Even the Lord of Order was hurt by this. "Lord Unaya, open the passage to the abyss." Hua Yun also does not want to drag on, sooner or later will go to the abyss. He planned to rush back to the sub-divine world as soon as the matter of Yunaya was settled. OK! I'm opening the abyss now, and I hope you come back as soon as possible. Be careful, the abyss is not a safe place. Unaya finished and silently recited the incantation. With the release of Yunaya's energy, a strange magic array appeared in midair. At the end of Yunaya's reading, the magic array fell to the ground. A black light door appeared on the ground. Turkley, let's go! After Huayun took back Tekri, he jumped into the light door with the running thunder. When Hua Yun and Ben Lei jumped into the black light door, suddenly the light door was filled with countless nets of lightning. Seeing this, Yunaya's face took on a look of surprise, and she quickly controlled the light door. It was a long time before the light door returned to calm. Karin! When did Hua Yun and the small beast running thunder reach the level of God control? Unaya asked, turning her head to Karin. It must have been not long ago! "Could it be.". Huayun is in the melting cave of heaven to reach the control of God terrace. It shouldn't be. He's already seen the man. Leondesse. Nope. I should call you Lord Leondse now. Now that Hua Yun has met him. Maybe the location of the next president's territory.. Hua Yun. You are really surprising. Even Lord Leondse thinks so highly of you. Unaya sighed deeply. The Gala Mountains are located in the northern part of the sub-divine land.
It is located within the territory of Abrody. This is where the white orcs live. A race of white orcs with a population of millions. It is one of the few million races in the Gala Mountains. But. On the Gala Mountains. Millions of other races had to take orders from the white orcs. The white orcs have occupied the Gala Mountains for a short time. But the white beast human race has one of the ten families in the sub-divine world. The White Beast family exists. In addition, the White Orcs are extremely capable of breeding. There are many masters. The races that originally occupied the Gala Mountains mainly by the number of people have given up their positions one after another. At the same time. And swore to be affiliated with the White Orcs. The White Beast family is built on the peak of the Gala Mountains. It occupies a very sacred position in the whole White Orc race. It can be said. The White Beast family is the symbol of the White Orc people. Even the king of the white orcs. See the ordinary people of the White Beast family. You have to kneel down without a top. The Hundred Beasts Temple is the place where the powerful members of the White Beast family talk. It is also a place to entertain distinguished guests. Generally, the Temple of Beasts is not developed. The Temple of Beasts will be developed only for meetings and for the reception of guests. Today, the family orcs outside the temple of beasts are very busy. Because the emissaries of the five families have come to the temple of beasts. God damn it! I can't believe we didn't take the Imbas. A burly lion and tiger white orc angrily knocked the stone table in front of him into powder. This white orc is the head of the contemporary white beast family, Basda Goffa. Because the Bass family not only failed to attack, but also caused the White Orc to lose a master of the control of God. Moreover, it is the most precious white Beamon race. You know,push back racking system, after the white Beamon race enters the level of God control, it is generally much easier to reach the peak of God control than other orcs. Most importantly, the Pygmy Orcs are simple-minded and relatively easy to control.