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Tomb of God (5th Dec 22 at 12:48am UTC)
These two methods are not realistic for Chen Nan. First, he is not very proficient in the method of formation. Second, he does not have the strength to enter the realm of Xianwu. "Do I have to wait until I break through the void before I can go in?" Chen Nan sighed helplessly. Xiaolong is not chasing the monsters to fight these days, or staring at the strange fruit in the valley drooling. When Chen Nan was in a trance, he twisted his fat dragon body and waddled up to him, crying at him. At first, Chen Nan did not care, gently pushed him away, and continued to think about the method of breaking the array. Later, the dragon kept barking, and opened his mouth to grab one of his sleeves, pulling his sleeve to swing, which aroused his attention. Chen Nan had no choice but to stop thinking. He patted Xiaolong on the head like a child and said, "What's the matter now? Did you defeat another monster? Oh, I knew you were the most powerful." Xiaolong straightened his chest and looked like a matter of course, with an incomparable air. Then, it shook the huge dragon head and kept motioning in the direction of Baihua Valley. Chen Nan looked in the direction it indicated and was immediately stunned. He did not know when there were thousands of rays and auspicious colors in Baihua Valley. All the colors came out from the valley. The fairy spirit was dense, and the holy brilliance filled every inch of space in Baihua Valley. Thousands of flowers are blooming, gorgeous, colorful and picturesque. Among the colorful flowers, the strange trees carved like Jasper are swaying gently and dancing with the flowers. The fragrance of flowers and fruits is mixed together, which is refreshing and deeply intoxicating. Colorful brilliance flows slowly between flowers and trees, holy brilliance permeates the whole Baihua Valley, and immortal spirit ripples with the wind, like a dream. At this time, a fragrance like orchid and musk deer drifted from the valley with the wind. This fragrance is different from the flower and fruit fragrance in the valley. It gives people an indescribable feeling. Plain, hazy, harmonious, quiet, light fragrance seems to create a kind of poetry that can not be expressed in words, people can not help but relax, the heart is empty. Chen Nan was deeply intoxicated. He felt as if he had forgotten all his worries. His heart was peaceful. He was immersed in a wonderful spiritual world. The baby dragon seemed to be deeply intoxicated, no longer drooling at the strange fruit in the valley, at this moment it narrowed a pair of big eyes, immersed in a peaceful world. The snow-white rabbit, the fat wild boar, heavy duty warehouse rack , the strong sika deer, and the black-winged myna no longer hid in the dark, but involuntarily came to the Baihua Valley. They looked at each other as if they were communicating, and each monster's eyes were excited, as if they were celebrating some kind of surprise. As the fragrance rippled into their mouths and noses, the four monsters were deeply intoxicated. There was peace outside Baihua Valley. One man and five animals stood quietly at the mouth of the valley with their eyes slightly narrowed. The unique fragrance in Baihua Valley is getting stronger and stronger, and the brilliance in the valley is becoming more and more brilliant. The valley is as peaceful as it is illuminated by the holy light of heaven. However, at this moment, an incredible thing happened. In the center of Baihua Valley, the core part surrounded by exotic flowers and jade trees burst into a brilliant light. The blazing light shone like ten days in the sky, and thousands of scenes between heaven and earth lost their color under this light. This mysterious light became the "only one" between heaven and earth. The fragrance is more fragrant with the appearance of the light, and there is a faint fragrance around several miles. Only the mysterious light was left in the eyes of one man and five beasts, and they stared at it without blinking. The dazzling light gradually fades away, the brilliance gradually changes from blazing to soft, and gradually tends to be peaceful, and a holy light that makes people feel calm and peaceful is shrouded in Baihua Valley. In the center of the holy light source, in the center guarded by exotic flowers and trees, a glittering and translucent bud is swaying gently, the colorful light is flowing slowly, and the brilliant brilliance is the blossom of the exotic flower in bud. The glittering and translucent flower bud is one and a half feet in diameter, under which there are nine glittering and translucent jade leaves. The whole flower is carved like a divine jade. It is a combination of beauty and beauty. The source of fragrance is this wonderful flower, and the fragrant fragrance is rippling out from it. Colorful splendor emerges from the flower buds, setting off the Valley of Flowers like a fairyland.
This.. What's going on here? Chen Nan muttered to himself that it was beyond his imagination. The little dragon twisted his fat body and shouted and jumped excitedly, as if he were celebrating some kind of surprise. "The fairy is about to be born," said the Starling princess, muttering to herself, "and it's just that the door of Hundred Flowers Valley is wide open. We can go in and see what the fairy looks like." The wild boar also purred and seemed to be very happy. The snow-white rabbit jumped excitedly and finally jumped on the back of the sika deer. The sika deer swung its body, threw the white rabbit down, and then stood upright, turning into a monster with a deer head and a human body. This change really startled Chen Nan, although he understood that these monsters have extraordinary magical powers, but still did not think that they had been able to initially turn into human form. "Deer, you are too proud," said Princess Myna. "Have you forgotten the teachings of your ancestors? You must not transform in front of human beings before you can completely transform into human beings." When the sika deer heard this, he hurried down and turned back into a deer. But the change just now was enough to make Chen Nan dumbfounded, and he looked at the four monsters for a while. "Don't be afraid," said Princess Myna. "Demons are also demons. We are not evil demons. We will never harm innocent people." Chen Nan shook his head and said to himself, "There are all kinds of strange things in the world. I've only heard rumors about monsters before, but I didn't expect to see monsters transformed today.". Well, it would be nice to be able to catch a monster and train it to be a mount! Princess Myna was so angry that she almost fell down from the sky. She shouted angrily, "You bastard are so hateful. I saw you in a daze. I thought you were frightened. I didn't expect that your heart was turning such a dirty idea.". Hum, damn it, don't dream! 。
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