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Cosmic Evolver System _ 20200215155742 (14th Dec 22 at 12:27am UTC)
"Peace of mind to enhance the strength of the earth's real disaster doomsday, has not really begun ah!" The white cloud paused slightly, thinking of the existence of the deep Pacific Ocean, like a lump in the throat, which was extremely uncomfortable. From the attitude of the Zerg towards human beings, we can see that it is absolutely an enemy rather than a friend. What? Is there a greater disaster than now? The presence of people in addition to a thousand months, the rest of the people are frightened, a look of disbelief. The end of this disaster in just 11 years has directly reduced the number of people on Earth from nearly 7 billion to about 3 billion. Although they don't have specific data, they can guess the number of people who have survived from the three northeastern provinces. They can hardly believe that there will be a greater disaster, is the human race really going to be extinct in this generation? "It's ridiculous that those people are still thinking about internal friction and fighting for territory, which is purely self-destruction!" Bai Yun glanced at the corpses on the ground and said in a cold voice. Then he said to all the people present, "I hope you can take care of yourself." Finally, those people left the conference room in a mess happily and worriedly, and all of them were afraid. They are glad not to die, worried about more terrible disasters in the future, and for white clouds, are basically awe and fear, whether it is means or strength, the other side is not what they can shake, can not mention a trace of anti-chalk mind. But the most important thing is that Bai Yun said that they were allowed to establish a country afterwards. Although it was a vassal state, at least it continued to retain the inheritance. When all those people left,calcium ammonium nitrate price, the scene left Qianyue alone facing the white clouds, immediately frightened her back to the corner, eyes covered by the veil, staring at the white clouds in an instant, afraid to tremble all over her body, pearl-like tears constantly falling her has not changed, even if she becomes a quasi-seven-star supreme strong man, she is still the weak little girl. Still the lonely little girl,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, she hasn't felt at ease for a day since her parents left. "Big brother, don't kill me, okay? Qianyue promised her father and mother to live all the time." Qianyue promised to be the first strong man in the three northeastern provinces. In fact, she is just a little girl who has been sticking to her promise, a little girl who is more afraid of death than anyone else. Haogong Mingde is the adoptive father of Qianyue, but the contact between the two is extremely small, unless they need to pull Qianyue as ostentation and extravagance, otherwise there is no intersection. Haogong Mingde, of course, tried to have a good relationship with Qianyue, but the other side was silent and lonely, and never opened his heart to anyone. In the end, he had no choice but to give up. He completely regarded Qianyue as a tool to deter China, and in order to avoid being exposed, calcium nitrate sol ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, he took great pains. So white clouds in the face of the collapse of a thousand months, first shocked, then understand the meaning of each other's words, the heart suddenly pulled this is how stubborn and persistent girl ah! Live only because I promised my parents. "I won't kill you!" Perhaps because of returning to the earth and returning to his hometown, Baiyun's feelings have become much richer than in the past. Hate all the ugly, like all the beautiful, like eleven years ago, he has not crossed. And for such a girl, he also felt pity like a normal person. "Black Leaf Autumn" saw such a thousand months, white clouds suddenly remembered the girl saved many years ago, and then suddenly realized their own changes, if I am still the same as in the past, will I be indifferent? "Follow me!" Bai Yun said this to Black Ye Qiu many years ago, and now he said the same thing to Qianyue. Chapter 200 Creation of the "Origin of Immortals" Black Earth Continent Chapter 200 Creation of "Origin Immortal Sect" Four days later! In a short span of four days, a series of "nothing" incidents set off a storm that swept across the entire ice city, and has quickly spread to the surrounding base cities and even the entire three northeastern provinces. First of all, the heads of the three countries in Japan were suddenly replaced, and then those who were full of evil were executed in public on various charges. Just when countless Chinese people were surprised and uncertain, the heads of state of the three countries openly threw olive branches to the Chinese people, and took the initiative to withdraw all kinds of defensive measures on the same day, in order to show their aspirations to China.
The sudden change of attitude of the Three Kingdoms was too strange and sudden, too unbelievable, and when the top level of the Ice City Huaxia speculated about the conspiracy, suddenly a piece of news spread like wildfire and began to spread throughout the Ice City. Is the person who made the Three Kingdoms suddenly change their attitude a Chinese? Who is Senior Bai? Is the surname Bai called senior? The mysterious figure of "no" in the matter of "checkpoint"? Kill hundreds of people in one move? Five-star strong people don't even have the ability to fight back? "What?"? He killed the million bugs in the north? Are you kidding me? How can a huge figure of hundreds of meters be human? “” All kinds of rumors spread everywhere, some of them were related to a Chinese named "Bai Senior", many people believed it, many people sniffed at it, but more of them maintained a neutral attitude. While countless people were discussing it, a news came out again yesterday afternoon, which shocked everyone. Some people hoped, but some people disdained, and even some people worried that it was a big conspiracy. The elixir that can cut the marrow of the Book of Changes is equivalent to the four-star energy spar. The above two items will be distributed on time in the five integer areas of the Ice City 103050 at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. As long as the age is 10 to 50 years old, no matter how many people come, they will get a set. This is what worriers call "big pubic hair.". But whether it's true or not, it will be revealed in 10 minutes, because it's already 9:50 in the morning. At this time, the big integer area is full of people, a sea of people, very lively, because the number of people is too large, and even has been discharged to the surrounding areas. It's hard to imagine the scene of tens of millions of people talking about one thing, and there are people flying everywhere, looking forward to it excitedly. Swish "" Time passed by minute by minute, in the expectation of millions of people, finally came to the appointed 10 o'clock, the human beings in the five integer areas closed their mouths and waited with breathless concentration. At this time, five figures appeared in the five districts,Magnesium Oxide MgO, hanging in the air, shining all over the body, and the breath was as vast as the sea.
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