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The country is beautiful and fragrant (14th Dec 22 at 12:37am UTC)
Liu Shi looked at his brother and sister and put up with it for a while before saying, "It's no use saying that now. It's not that I want to climb the dragon and attach myself to the phoenix. But Guogongye spent so much effort and said hello to us. It's obvious that he is bound to win for his sister.". If you ask me, since you can't change it, you can marry with peace of mind. Guogongye is willing to marry his sister as a stepwife. It serves to show that he is a little sincere to his sister. If we get along for a long time, it may not be a good marriage. Lin Zhengdao is not so optimistic: "If Guogongye is willing, can Mrs. Tai agree?"? "He was afraid that he would not be able to persuade his wife, and that he would not be able to leave his sister, so he forced her to become a concubine." Liu Shi thought that a widow would not suffer if she could be a concubine for Guogongye, but she didn't say that. Seeing her husband with a sad face, her sister-in-law Dai Mei was worried. "That's all right," Liu said with a sense of relief. "We'll talk about it when Guogongye returns to Beijing. Let him deal with his mother. Let's just play it by ear.". Sister also don't think too much, first feel at ease to live down, raise the body bone, see you thin. Lin Shi nodded, stood up and bowed to Liu Shi sincerely: "I have caused trouble to my sister-in-law." Liu Shi hurriedly came forward to help, aiming at the sister-in-law's fairy-like appearance and figure, but also can understand the idea of Wei Guogong. Such a pretty widow, in the name of the main room to marry home every night to dote on, who dares to say that he Guo Boyan has lost? After settling the sister-in-law and niece, Liu specially sent someone to pay attention to the news of Wei Guogong Mansion. From April to the end of August, he finally looked forward to Guo Boyan's return to Beijing! The author has something to say: Hey hey, the national color comment is still 180 to break 4K,7g Ozone Generator, fairies come on, see how many passes we can break all the way! 、008 Imperial Palace, Chongzheng Palace. Standing in front of the imperial case, Guo Boyan whispered back to Emperor Xuande what he had learned from the governors of the provinces south of the Yangtze River that year:.. Du Dafu, the magistrate of Lingan County, forcibly occupied the fertile land. The minister ordered people to read out his crime in public. The people shouted long live the emperor, and the old man was in tears, grateful for the emperor's love for the people.. The Lv family,steatite c221, a prominent family in Yangzhou, colluded with the local government to sell illegal salt and confiscated a total of 1.1 million taels of gold. Emperor Xuande leaned back on the Dragon Chair with his eyes slightly narrowed and his expression was calm, as if he had fallen asleep, but his index finger knocked on his knee. Twenty-five years ago, when the world was in dispute, his elder brother Gaozu led the army to revolt, seized the court of the Qi family, and in the next ten years, he went south and north to unify the Central Plains. The elder brother Xiongtaoweilue had great military exploits and was the God of war admired by all the people. Unfortunately, God was jealous of talents. Before the elder brother had time to take good care of the rivers and mountains he had laid down, he died of a sudden illness. After he ascended the throne, the barbarians in the frontier were ready to move, the heavy government needed to be solved urgently, and some old ministers with ulterior motives had to be guarded against. The old ministers were all brought up by their elder brothers. On the surface, they seemed to be loyal to him, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,Ceramic Bobbin, but they didn't know what to think inside. At the beginning of his accession to the throne, Emperor Xuande began to promote talents for his use. Guo Boyan was the best of these capable ministers. Guo Boyan was only seven years younger than him. As early as when he was a prince, he followed him to work. Wu Neng Anbang Wen Neng governed the world. Emperor Xuande valued him very much. Guo Boyan did not let him down. He was the emperor for seven years. Guo Boyan also ran around for him outside for seven years. He suppressed the rebellion for him and punished corrupt officials for him. It was rare to go home. All right, I'll read the memorial to the throne. You're travel-stained. Let's go back to the mansion first. Madam must be eager to see it. Emperor Xuande said with a smile, "The Double Ninth Festival is coming soon. Boyan will rest for a few more days and come to court after the festival." Guo Boyan bowed and said, "Thank you for your kindness." Emperor Xuande waved his hand. Guo Boyan back to leave the hall, all the way to the palace gate, long with Wei Jin had already led the horse waiting. Perennial outside, Guo Boyan also missed his family, immediately turned over the horse, galloped back to the house. The head of the family came back. Except for the Second Master and the Third Master, who had an official position, all the old and young of the Guogongfu came to the Zhenghe Hall in the main courtyard to wait. Mrs. Tai, dressed in a dark purple chrysanthemum pattern, sat in the main seat and kept looking out. On both sides of the wife, the second and third ladies sat side by side on the left side. The three girls of the Kuo family stood quietly behind the elders. As for the sons, they stood like Zhilan Yushu on the lower right of the wife.
"Come, come, Guogongye has returned to the house!" In the front yard came the voice of the steward, loud and surprised. Mrs. Tai stood up excitedly and went out first. Mother, the son is not filial, let you miss! Seeing his mother, Guo Boyan rushed over with several arrows and knelt down in front of his wife, looking at his mother with black eyes. Mrs. Tai's eyes were already wet. She looked at her son, who was black again. She helped him and sobbed, "Just come back. Just come back. Are you thirsty?"? Go inside and have some tea first. "Good." Guo Boyan stood up straight, holding his mother with both hands, and his eyes turned first to his sons and nephews. Father Guo Xiao raised his lips and shouted respectfully. The sixteen-year-old prince, with a body like a green bamboo and a face like a crown jade, smiled when he met his father again after a long separation. Otherwise, like his strict father, he was also unsmiling and indifferent. His eyebrows and eyes were cold, and he was very dignified in Guogongfu. When he finished, Guo Fu and Guo Shu in the second room called "uncle" in unison. The two brothers were twins, fifteen this year. Guo Boyan nodded with satisfaction and said with a smile, "You've all grown taller. I'll go to the martial arts training ground tomorrow morning. I'll try your three brothers' skills." Guo Xiao looks calm, Guo Fu, Guo Shu look at each other, showing a bit guilty. Guo Boyan looked at several little girls again. The eldest girl, Tingfang, was his own daughter. She was fourteen years old, beautiful and dignified. Because Guo Boyan had not lived in the house for much time, Tingfang respected and feared the father. There was a layer of estrangement between father and daughter. She never dared to show too much closeness. She called "father" softly and saluted shallowly. Tingfang has grown into a big girl. Guo Boyan was in a complicated mood. His daughter was going to get married as soon as she grew up. He was reluctant to give up. These years, father and daughter spent less time together and more time apart. He was ashamed of his daughter. Tingfang bowed her head shyly. Guo Lanfang, the second girl, and Guo Yunfang, the third girl, also came to salute. Guo Boyan praised one by one, and then took the two-year-old nephew Shang Ge'er in the third lady's arms to hug him. The whole family moved to the hall,Ozone generator ceramic plate, and you and I talked about the family together. After that, Mrs. Tai felt sorry for her son and told him to go back to the house to have a rest first, and then to welcome him in the evening.
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